Kannaway is about to launch a new Bibong Hemp Formula Skincare Line in Europe – Cannabis Beauty

Kannaway is about to launch a new Bibong Hemp Formula Skincare Line in Europe – Cannabis Beauty. In this article you will read the newest information about the start of the new cosmetic facial care products of Kannaway in Europe. Today and at this very moment, the 5th of Mai 2018, Kannaway is attending its grand opening in Europe. Read more to get all ins and outs about

Kannaway is about to launch a new Bibong Hemp Formula Skincare Line in Europe – Cannabis Beauty

Who is Kannaway? According to Bloomberg.com

Kannaway, LLC is a hemp lifestyle company. The company offers nutrient-rich supplement blends, functional food chew squares, anti-aging skin care products, hemp-based cannabidiol vaporizer products, daily skin care products, essential packs, and oral applicators. It also operates KANNAWAY, a community that focuses on empowering individuals to balance their health and wealth with the benefits of hemp in modern culture

 Kannaway is about to launch a new Bibong Hemp Formula Skincare Line in Europe

What are BiBong Hemp Formula for Skincare? Are they legal?

Bi-Bong Formulas are blendet East Asian extracts that are very rare to find on the Skincare Market. They are know being used in for instance Korean Beauty treatments and rituals over centuries. With Kannaway, they are now put back into our daily life with significant skin enhancing advantages.

Hemp is a known ingredient in the old traditional medicine and has now been fused with Bi Bong botanical ingredients in favour of the more youthful and radiant appearance of human skin.

Talking about Hemp and in this case Industrial Hemp – What is Industrial Hemp according to Wikipedia

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009 is a bill that was introduced in the United States House of Representatives by Ron Paul (RTexas) and Barney Frank (DMassachusetts) on April 2, 2009.[1] Also known as H.R.1866, the bill clarifies the differences between marijuana and industrial hemp as well as repeals federal laws that prohibit cultivation of industrial, but only for research facilities of higher education from conducting research. Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oilseed and fibers varieties of the cannabis sativa plant.[2] Hemp is a sustainable resource that can be used to create thousands of different products including fuel, fabrics, paper, household products, and food and has been used for hundreds of centuries by civilizations around the world. If H.R.1866 passes American farmers will be permitted to compete in global hemp markets.

With the Kannaway Cannabis Beauty Skincare line, we are not talking about psychoactive components: There is no THC in Kannaway Bi-Bong Skincare Formulas: We are talking about Hemp Skincare Products. But if you ask us, the Brand name – Cannabis Beauty – is a forward driven name.

Cannabis Beauty

So what is a Bibong Herbal Formula according to Kannaway. Take a look at their presentation

We also wrote an articlie about What is Kannaway Bi-Bong Salve – How to get Bi Bong Salve cheaper – Kannaway Salve review. You can read it here.

Kannaway is about to launch a new Bibong Hemp Formula Skincare Line in Europe, so what does the Cannabis Beauty productline offers?

  • Ginseng and Hemp Moisturizer with Vitamin C ester
  • White Peony and Hemp Vitality Serum with dragon’s blood and acetyl hexapeptide-8
  • Green Tea and Hemp Perfecting Mask with Vitamin C ester
  • Liquorice and Hemp Exfoliator with rosehips and Bentonite
  • Burdock and Hemp Cleanser with provitan B5

At this moment we do not have any pictures and testimonials of these products (its being shown today, the 5th of may 2018 during the grand opening for Europe in Prague) but we are sure that Kannaway’s new Cannabis Beauty Productline will become a huge success. Why? The group of companies with and around Kannaway have booked their largest-ever (unaudited) sales revenue in their history in April of 2018. Read more about that on their Homepage.

Silverwood Advisors is publishing all about nice things on this blog and is not a Kannaway Ambassador. If you are interested to work with Kannaway, please follow click on this link or read more about Kannaway Bi Bong Salve

Summary Kannaway is about to launch a new Bibong Hemp Formula Skincare Line in Europe – Cannabis Beauty

  • Bibong Herbal Formulas fused with Hemp could be a great solution for Skincare.
  • The Brand name – Cannabis Beauty – has nothing to do with psychoactive components. There is non of this in the skincare productline only but Hemp with a natural source of CBD. The benefits of this has been documentated in traditional medicine for ages.
  • The launch in Europe of the Kannaway Bibong Hemp Formula Skincare line starts with 5 well balanced facial skincare products.
  • As soon as we have the first productpictures and testimonials and where and how to order it, we will write an update. To stay in front of this, you can also subscribe to our Newsletter. In this way you will receive any update even much faster.



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